Friday, September 16, 2011

Where the SunSHINE!

As getting ready for work this AM ... I realized I LOVE this weather.....

but not when you have to get up.

My favorite part about fall is SLEEPING in and DRINKING coffee watching the news..... since having TWO kids and being prego...all i get to enjoy is FALL.

As I got the mail yesterday afternoon it hit me I AM HAVING ANOTHER BABY!

My mother in law sent some cute boy clothes (which she is loving this) and I got a BABY SHOWER invite for my cousin who is two weeks behind me...

AHHH that means mine is coming up!

LOl I love it though, however do you feel like when having kids that time flys by REALLY fast and I am not really getting to relax with this pregnancy as much as the others...

NOTE TO SELF ..relax...and now starting to write/illustrate another book
(It helps me find my inner peace lol)

CHEERS TO FALL WEATHER and of course babies!

Whats your favorite Season??

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