Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Book two and Cravings...not a great mix!

I Have TO say I NEVER had such a STRANGE craving....

Maybe IT was WATCHING the food netwoRK prior to going to bed last night but at 3:13am

I AWOKE with this HUGE hunger for

Chocolate Ice Cream

and....(brace yourself!)

Fried Egg Rolls!!!

Who thinks of that lol!!!
OMG I was disgusted with myself.....REALLY grossed out lol!

But what to do?  I WANTED IT! I fought it until about 4am and grabbed some grapes and water...

YAY Grapes..

as for this morning...my HUSBAND is thankful I didn't awake him to go to the store and I am thankful for fighting the fight...
although I Wonder WHAT would it taste like...........just thinking!

as for today!
I am making the characters for BOOK #2 called "One, Two, Three..Wait what about ME!"
its about a middle child who is facing what all middle children face...reality!


Have a great TUESDAY!

What was your weirdest food craving prego or not??

1 comment:

  1. I only had pregnancy aversions, I think. No meat, no pickles, nothing sour. The only thing I ever craved was cheesecake, which is fortunately not all that weird.

    Oh wait - I LOVED that orange glucola, the stuff they make you drink for your sugar test! Everyone talks about how nasty it is but it was like delicious metly orange popsicles to me. :)

    I'm your newest follower ~ hope you get a chance to drop by Happy Hour Projects!