Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fresh Start

Good morning!
kicked the McDonald's and went for a more FRESh STarT

berries are MY favorite right now...its about time I start LOVING healthy food again

thanks TO miss JennY Craig I am ON track lol...

and you know that 16lbs I lost while starting MY NEW lIFE Journy..
well I found it while starting my NEWER life JORNEY



I found a great WAY to advertise...for Christmas gifts this year at my daUGHTER's school
I will be giving them each a book that I wrote and a business card


Till then...I got to think of A LOT more things to DO!

As of this weekend...did way too much

Baby registered (FUN!!) although I wrote my name to fast and when I went to find myself I saw that they had my last name as AwRold
(instead of Arnold)

We had the Gun and went up and down those isles like we owned the store
(shows we been there more than once...or thousand times)

After that we had a Sleep over ..

with HOT COCO of course!

Then ended the weekend celebrating a friends birthday!

Cheers to a great week!

What is your favorite sleepover treat you give the kids??

 I love giving hot coco with all the toppings......Whip Cream and Sprinkles...even the edible straws


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