Monday, September 26, 2011

Lots to DO so little TIME!

With working....
its LIKE a count DOWN from Friday after work until SUnday NIGHT...those are the only full hours you get each week to spend with your little oneS and ...Husband of course
; )

I tried SOO hard to make it last forever this weekend...but failed it went by way to QUICK as usual!

Saturday we were able to wake up early and go to the PARK!
(Only so many time you want to go there as a parent.....with a 9 year old I have been there one too many times..and the new one on the way...LETS hope he is lucky to ever see one lol!)

(notice one is bored as she decided to switch it up until i said monkey see...monkey DO!)

Then after we checked out our newly growing plants
(thanks to the Gardener who helped me ....I dont have a green thumb!!)

(YUMMM Jalapenos!)

Then in a BLINK of an EYE it was SUNDAY
: (

great AM walk to

all the way to STARBUCKS...THANKS To the AWESOME fall flavors of PUmpkin Spice LATTES
(Decaf of course...)

Finished the day with some ART.

Gotta get these paintings done as soon as possible!

as for the artist of the day It would be the little one of the family..

(i am the pink feather!)
(love hanging up the new canvases each them something to look forward too and new wall decor for their rooms!)

Cheers to MONDAY!

What is your favorite COFFEE DRINK?
Pumpkin spice LATTE!

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  1. Great blog structure.

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