Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Found my calling...and well time!

Where HAve I been?

Lets See ... over the past year (almost) I lost touch with my blogging..........

: (
Only because well I was SUPER busy with work and kids and anytime I saw a PC i RAN!!!

I use to Blog EVERYDay...(sometimes more than once!)

I then lost touch ...(SAD i know)

and tried to start again..this time I was focused on LOOSIng Weight !

GOOD NEWS I did ..I lost 16 lbs

then I got


my third...its a BOY!!!

So once I got prego I knew...WHAT can I do because I HAVE to stay home this is my THIRD and I really want to be there : )

So i took my book work into FULL gear...and got my FIRST book out!!!!

Yes you heard me I made and printed my first book called "Pick it, Flick it, Ewww Dont lick it!"

it was all about my kids and THEY LOVED IT!!

Loved it so much I decided to share the JOY and make books about other peoples kiddos!!!

and NOW I am back blogging (FOR GOOD) and  I am doing it all.......but Pregnant!

CHEERS....Now off to catch up on YOU!

So any news out there what do I need to know....Oh i am so OVER joyed!!!


  1. Congrats! And you are such a skinny minny! :)

  2. : ) thank you!!! LOL...think it was the angle of the camera..lol!!