Friday, September 9, 2011

Mark Get SET go....

Yep. NOW that I see my book in person

I really can move FORWARD....and lets just hope I get the BALL rolling before THIS little GUY pops OUT.

: )

Phase one OF how THE heck TO market thiS??

Here is A thoughts.....taking it to children Boutiques with my card to show them then ask to leave my card..........ShouLD I Leave  a COPy of the BOOK too...HMMMMMMM....

ANY of YOU guys have any great IDeas???

Besides that Lets SEE my pregnancy is making ME HUNGRY!!!
I do LOVE to eat Healthy But HECK its Friday Right??

that being SAID at LEAST I didn't eat both (the are 2 for 3.50!!) ...I gave the other away!
( I know i could have ordered one...but for some reason two sounded way better...then I caught myself lol!)

HOw Did YOU get your NAME out therE??

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