Monday, September 26, 2011

Lots to DO so little TIME!

With working....
its LIKE a count DOWN from Friday after work until SUnday NIGHT...those are the only full hours you get each week to spend with your little oneS and ...Husband of course
; )

I tried SOO hard to make it last forever this weekend...but failed it went by way to QUICK as usual!

Saturday we were able to wake up early and go to the PARK!
(Only so many time you want to go there as a parent.....with a 9 year old I have been there one too many times..and the new one on the way...LETS hope he is lucky to ever see one lol!)

(notice one is bored as she decided to switch it up until i said monkey see...monkey DO!)

Then after we checked out our newly growing plants
(thanks to the Gardener who helped me ....I dont have a green thumb!!)

(YUMMM Jalapenos!)

Then in a BLINK of an EYE it was SUNDAY
: (

great AM walk to

all the way to STARBUCKS...THANKS To the AWESOME fall flavors of PUmpkin Spice LATTES
(Decaf of course...)

Finished the day with some ART.

Gotta get these paintings done as soon as possible!

as for the artist of the day It would be the little one of the family..

(i am the pink feather!)
(love hanging up the new canvases each them something to look forward too and new wall decor for their rooms!)

Cheers to MONDAY!

What is your favorite COFFEE DRINK?
Pumpkin spice LATTE!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Book two and Cravings...not a great mix!

I Have TO say I NEVER had such a STRANGE craving....

Maybe IT was WATCHING the food netwoRK prior to going to bed last night but at 3:13am

I AWOKE with this HUGE hunger for

Chocolate Ice Cream

and....(brace yourself!)

Fried Egg Rolls!!!

Who thinks of that lol!!!
OMG I was disgusted with myself.....REALLY grossed out lol!

But what to do?  I WANTED IT! I fought it until about 4am and grabbed some grapes and water...

YAY Grapes..

as for this HUSBAND is thankful I didn't awake him to go to the store and I am thankful for fighting the fight...
although I Wonder WHAT would it taste like...........just thinking!

as for today!
I am making the characters for BOOK #2 called "One, Two, Three..Wait what about ME!"
its about a middle child who is facing what all middle children face...reality!


Have a great TUESDAY!

What was your weirdest food craving prego or not??

Friday, September 16, 2011

Where the SunSHINE!

As getting ready for work this AM ... I realized I LOVE this weather.....

but not when you have to get up.

My favorite part about fall is SLEEPING in and DRINKING coffee watching the news..... since having TWO kids and being prego...all i get to enjoy is FALL.

As I got the mail yesterday afternoon it hit me I AM HAVING ANOTHER BABY!

My mother in law sent some cute boy clothes (which she is loving this) and I got a BABY SHOWER invite for my cousin who is two weeks behind me...

AHHH that means mine is coming up!

LOl I love it though, however do you feel like when having kids that time flys by REALLY fast and I am not really getting to relax with this pregnancy as much as the others...

NOTE TO SELF ..relax...and now starting to write/illustrate another book
(It helps me find my inner peace lol)

CHEERS TO FALL WEATHER and of course babies!

Whats your favorite Season??

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fresh Start

Good morning!
kicked the McDonald's and went for a more FRESh STarT

berries are MY favorite right now...its about time I start LOVING healthy food again

thanks TO miss JennY Craig I am ON track lol...

and you know that 16lbs I lost while starting MY NEW lIFE Journy..
well I found it while starting my NEWER life JORNEY



I found a great WAY to advertise...for Christmas gifts this year at my daUGHTER's school
I will be giving them each a book that I wrote and a business card


Till then...I got to think of A LOT more things to DO!

As of this weekend...did way too much

Baby registered (FUN!!) although I wrote my name to fast and when I went to find myself I saw that they had my last name as AwRold
(instead of Arnold)

We had the Gun and went up and down those isles like we owned the store
(shows we been there more than once...or thousand times)

After that we had a Sleep over ..

with HOT COCO of course!

Then ended the weekend celebrating a friends birthday!

Cheers to a great week!

What is your favorite sleepover treat you give the kids??

 I love giving hot coco with all the toppings......Whip Cream and Sprinkles...even the edible straws


Friday, September 9, 2011

Mark Get SET go....

Yep. NOW that I see my book in person

I really can move FORWARD....and lets just hope I get the BALL rolling before THIS little GUY pops OUT.

: )

Phase one OF how THE heck TO market thiS??

Here is A thoughts.....taking it to children Boutiques with my card to show them then ask to leave my card..........ShouLD I Leave  a COPy of the BOOK too...HMMMMMMM....

ANY of YOU guys have any great IDeas???

Besides that Lets SEE my pregnancy is making ME HUNGRY!!!
I do LOVE to eat Healthy But HECK its Friday Right??

that being SAID at LEAST I didn't eat both (the are 2 for 3.50!!) ...I gave the other away!
( I know i could have ordered one...but for some reason two sounded way better...then I caught myself lol!)

HOw Did YOU get your NAME out therE??

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Found my calling...and well time!

Where HAve I been?

Lets See ... over the past year (almost) I lost touch with my blogging..........

: (
Only because well I was SUPER busy with work and kids and anytime I saw a PC i RAN!!!

I use to Blog EVERYDay...(sometimes more than once!)

I then lost touch ...(SAD i know)

and tried to start again..this time I was focused on LOOSIng Weight !

GOOD NEWS I did ..I lost 16 lbs

then I got


my third...its a BOY!!!

So once I got prego I knew...WHAT can I do because I HAVE to stay home this is my THIRD and I really want to be there : )

So i took my book work into FULL gear...and got my FIRST book out!!!!

Yes you heard me I made and printed my first book called "Pick it, Flick it, Ewww Dont lick it!"

it was all about my kids and THEY LOVED IT!!

Loved it so much I decided to share the JOY and make books about other peoples kiddos!!!

and NOW I am back blogging (FOR GOOD) and  I am doing it all.......but Pregnant!

CHEERS....Now off to catch up on YOU!

So any news out there what do I need to know....Oh i am so OVER joyed!!!